Tuesday, September 03, 2013

1967 Disneyland Images From a Reader

Today I start a nice series of pictures from a reader of this blog featuring Disneyland in 1967. A little background on this set. The reader's family was from Akron Ohio and on a tour of California in 1967. The images were taken by the readers Grandfather. About a year ago, the reader moved his grandparents into an assisted living home, cleaned out the house and scanned these images. He was influenced by all the Disneyland blogs to scan and share these wonderful images.

First up is the iconic castle image.

A busy day on Main Street with some groovy fashions and all the classic storefronts in place.

Final image is a great view of the three crocodiles waiting for a hand out. Picture was taken from the Swiss Family Treehouse.

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K. Martinez said...

I love the vine/ivy growth on the castle wall. The "Jungle Lookout" snapshot has a nice dark and mysterious look to it. All these are nice.

Thank you reader for sharing your Disneyland family photos. I look forward to seeing the rest.