Thursday, September 05, 2013

Disneyland 1967- Last Three Images From a Friend

The last three images from a friend of this blog. The first one is his favorite picture of the group, a dancing line of Dwarves passing the entrance to Storybook Canal boats. Do they even use the Dwarves costumes any more?

The next image is a great shot of Monorail Red in front of the Matterhorn. In my humble opinion, there is no bad shot of the Matterhorn.

Last image is of the Indian War canoes from the Mark Twain with Tom Sawyer's Island in the background. I just want to step into this image and enjoy the attraction.

Once again thanks to the fan, reader and friend of this blog who sent me these wonderful images.


K. Martinez said...

Snow White and the Six Dwarfs? Looks like Dopey is MIA. Love the pic though. Also the Mark II Red gliding by the Matterhorn is cool.

A BIG thanks to your reader for sharing their photos.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

You are correct there are NO bad photos of the monorail. And this classic bubbletop right in front of the waterfall is a classic!!

Snow White Archive said...

With the holes in their hats, looks like the dwarfs were hit by a stray canon ball from the Pirates of the Caribbean. :)

Dan said...

The Seven Dwarves are in the Christmas parade