Monday, September 23, 2013

Ganesha and the Jungle River Cruise

Three black and white snapshots of the Jungle River Cruise in Disneyland circa 1963. First image shows one of the crocodiles looking for a hand out!

Next up is a quick shot of the elephant bathing pool. You can see a couple of the younger elephants and a glimpse of the matriarch taking her shower.

The best image of the group is this one of Ganesha on the shores of the Jungle River Cruise. The statue was originally out in the open but has now been moved to the ancient Cambodian Shrine, made by ancient Cambodian shriners.

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K. Martinez said...

Love these Jungle Cruise shots. The Ganesha statue is the best as photos of it seem rare. Is it just me or were there more crocs active in the waters of the Jungle Cruise back then?