Wednesday, September 18, 2013

1985 and 1990 Publicity Photographs

Two publicity images, one from 1985 for the Thirtieth Anniversary Celebration and one for the Thirty Fifth Anninversary Celebration. The first image is of the fireworks display over the castle to celebrate 30 years of Disneyland. Check out the crowd, I wonder how long they waited for those spots....wait a minute, in 1985 there were not many annual passholders who would stake out a spot for four hours.

The second image is from the 35th Anniversary and features the Magical Dream Machine. Some fantastic prizes were given away including new 1990 Geo's.


K. Martinez said...

Yes, the annual passholder system definitely changed the nature of experiencing the Park. Nice publicity photos.

Anonymous said...

There is no apostrophe necessary in "Geos."