Sunday, August 05, 2007

Old New York and Chicago

The first image shows some of the street characters in Old New York. They look like extra's from The Gangs of New York film. The second image shows the Firehouse seen in Chicago. Chicago's main attraction was the burning of the town. The third image is of the steam boat The Canadian. As you can see the attractions were loosely based upon attractions seen at Disneyland. One of the reasons was that C.V. Wood was one of the main driving forces behind the design of the park.


Anonymous said...

Matterhorn - Would it be possible to zoom in on that sign next to the fire wagon? Or let us know what it says? Thanks!

Major Pepperidge said...

These are amazing slides, Matterhorn! Most of mine were taken from the sky bucket ride, so I have few nice closeups of anything. The image from yesterday showing the entrance was great.

A Freedomland attraction poster, can you imagine?

perkypickle said...

oh man....any attraction poster shots would be greatly appreciated. it might even convince me to get off my ass and start posting again!

i actually have a set of hand silkscreened attraction posters from freedomland and have yet to find pics of any 'in the field'.

as usual, great post!

Major Pepperidge said...

Perkypickle, are you pulling our legs? You have a set of Freedomland posters??

Anonymous said...

We have a couple, too! They ain't cheap!

perkypickle said...

ok major, your leg joints are safe.

i'm posting some on the pickle barrel.