Monday, August 06, 2007

Freedomland Transportation Rides

Today I am showing two different styles of transportation at Freedomland. Both appear to be stolen from Disneyland. The first is a Stagecoach ride through the wilderness and desert. The ride was sponsored by Wells Fargo and Company.

The next is the Santa Fe Railroad with similar cars and engine. In fact the engine is named the Chas Holliday and the cars are named after Southwestern cities. I do like the guy climbing the trestle through the bushes. He is either a friendly Freedomland employee retrieving a stuffed animal or a crazed train nut trying to get a closer image.


Major Pepperidge said...

These are so great. How could people not go to this park?? I don't believe it would have ultimately affected Disneyland.

It does look like folks on the train are looking down at that hillside, as if something fell out of the train!

Anonymous said...

Freedomland suffered on two fronts. People went to the park, but if you ever visited you might remember just how poorly run it was - and the staff was surly. In addition, I remember the 1964 New York World's Fair came along and took away the few visitors that were left. Sad.

Peter VINCENT said...

Great Photos of Freedomland (where do you get these pix?). Makes me sad I was to young to ever go there. Looks like it was a really fun way to spend the day! Can't wait for tomorrow's post.