Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Chicago Fire and Midwest Farm

The first slide is from one of Freedomland's most famous and beloved attraction, the burning building from the Chicago Fire. The building was concrete and fitted with gas pipes which could be lit and burn. Similar to the burning cabin at Disneyland, but in this case it was interactive with kids assisting fire fighters and the crowd watching. It looked like it was a good show with lots of people watching.

The next image appears to be the most boring exhibit at Freedomland, the midwest farm where Elsie the Cow lived. Not very exciting and pretty open space. The only thing that redeemed this display was that most visitors were New York City residents and had probably never seen a farm or cows in pasture in their life. The train trestle in the background is the only clue this was in Freedomland.


Major Pepperidge said...

Which one's Elsie??

I should scan a few more of my Freedomland slides, even though they're not a great as yours.

Anonymous said...

Major -

Believe it or not, Elsie had her own private boudoir inside the barn. Complete with red velvet bedding and drapes!