Thursday, August 23, 2007

Early Pirates of the Caribbean Press Photographs

Two 1967 Pirates of the Caribbean Press photographs. The first shows the pitched battle between the fort and the ship. Press release on the back reads: In the cross fire of cannonades between pirate ship and Caribbean port, this crew of Disneyland adventurers sail through "Pirates of the Caribbean" as grape shot and cannonballs land around them. The pirate captain on his bridge gives the signal for an eight gun salute. The scene is one of ten action-packed segments in the thoroughly realistic re-creation of buccaneer days.

The second image is of the serenading Pirates along with the howling dog and braying mule. The press release on the back reads: Pirate serenade- A merry buccaneer trio pauses at dockside for another chorus of "It's A Pirate Life For Me" as Disneylnad guests glide by in their adventurous journey with Pirates of the Caribbean, Frontierland's newest attraction. These three are among 119 Audio-Animatronic figures seen during the trip.

I like how Pirates was originally advertised as being part of Frontierland!

The blog will be silent tomorrow as I am off on a quick business trip. I will post souvenir Friday on Saturday.


Major Pepperidge said...

The bateaux is named "Camille" in the first photo. Did they all have the names of wenches back then? Do they still??

Also, are those work lights, or was that just an extremely clumsy lighting job by the photographer?

Kevin Kidney said...

I LOVE you for making these images so big!!! Yay!

Tinker Bell said...

These photos make me desperate for a trip to Disneyland. Nice post! :D

Tim said...

Dude thank you so much for your work. I just found this blog last night, and spent about 3 hours here. I have gone to DisneyLand since I was born in 1962.
I am a total Disney history freak!
I got into cartoons and started my own animation company, my property is called The MusicLand Band, someday I want to create my own theme park. You can look at some clips on you Tube.
Did you or your parents take these pictures? This is a great resource!
Keep up the good work!

Major Pepperidge said...

I realized that my first comment makes it sound like I didn't like the photos, which isn't the case at all...they are great! I just don't get why that arc light on the ship is shining towards us.

flipbot said...

As always, I thank you for an exquisite resource of Disneyland history. Excellent. said...

I love these pictures.. It was some pics of Disney world Pirates of the Caribbean ride that got us started on our Pirates of the Caribbena pool bar on our pool. Its almost finished,you can check some of the pictures out at my home page or on my website at