Thursday, February 08, 2007

More Views of Disneyland 1977

Here are several more views from the same trip to Disneyland in 1977.

A nice view of the Tomorrowland of my youth with the Peoplemover in front of Matterhorn mountain.

The Disneyland band playing a full concert at the Town Square. The band leader does look like a person from the 1970s! In the background is the Main Street Cinema and it is playing Charlie Chaplin. Does anyone know when it switched to playing all Mickey, all the time?

A nice moody shot of Main Street from the hub. The sign in the front left is for the First Aid and Lost Children area.

My favorite image of the lot is this one for Skull Rock. I have distinct memories of eating tuna sandwiches and looking at the Skull.

And this is from one of my favorite areas in the park, Snow White's wishing well. If you have not been there, I highly recommend it. And with the new Princess area, they no longer have the Snow White meet and greet in the location. The spot has returned to a nice quiet out of the way part of Disneyland.


Anonymous said...

1977 was the time that I left the Park for greater adventures in life. Can't recall when the cinema changed, but yours truly took tickets there a time or two when Charlie,the Keystone Cops et. al. were headliners. Also that bandleader looks very familiar, but I don't recall his name.

james said...

cool set of photos. i remember disneyland in 1977, and i believe that is when the matterhorn began it's transformation to it's modern state. i think your photo catches this(no skyway running, and is that a piece of heavy equipment inside the skyway tunnel?).

Anonymous said...

The Leader of the Disneyland Band in the picture is Stan Freese. He also led the DL Big Band and the WDW Band. I hear he still works at the Park.

On a side note, Stan's son is a famous musician and plays with the band Green Day.

Anonymous said...

The Snow White Grotto is a favorite place.

I remember my Grandfather's only visit there, most of the park seemed distant to him, but this spot made him perk up and pay attention. He remembered that his daughter's first date with my Dad was to see that film in 1939.

I hope this place remains unchanged, as a tribute to the movie that started it all.

Anonymous said...

Yep, that's Stan Freese in the pic. He still works at the park as Talent Casting and Booking Director. He was the first WDW Band Director. Fun to see a pic of him from the 70's!