Sunday, February 25, 2007

SOP Saturday (On a Sunday)- You're Onstage at Disneyland

In the early years, the Disneyland University and Van France were trying various ways to train employees and to maintain the standards that Walt Disney was trying to achieve at his new amusement theme park. This was the training that was rolled out in the 1962 training session I posted a week ago. This SOP is pretty slick and I love the art on the pages, especially the two Frontierland costumed employees with the Monorail in the background and the driver for Casey Junior. I believe the drawings are by Charles Boyer but they are not signed.


Major Pepperidge said...

!s that a genuine "Walt" signature on that front page? Doesn't look like a facsimile!

I'm looking forward to going through this one more has lots of fun artwork, thanks for sharing.

Amazon Belle said...

You rock my friend! This is great stuff... I just wonder what they are teaching now?