Thursday, February 15, 2007

Snow White's Adventures Signs 1966

Staying in Fantasyland with the sign photos, here is Snow White's Adventures attraction signage.

The front entrance sign with the nice shield. The Fantasyland rides in the courtyard had these shield designs featuring the characters and logo in a heraldic manner.

The D Ticket sign for Snow White.

One of the ride vehicles named Grumpy. The Mine Carts were designed by WED and built by Arrow Development. There were 13 mine carts with names as follows (number in parenthesis is of how many cars bore that name) Dopey (2), Doc (2), Grumpy (2), Sneezy (1), Bashful (2), Happy (1), Sleepy (1), and Snow White (2).

A rare shot of the entrance to the ride withe Seven Dwarfs Mine sign.

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Davelandweb said...

Great photos, Patrick. The dark ride ones are my favorites, and unfortunately most rare.