Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ward Kimballs Emma Nevada at Grizzly Flats Postcard

Today I am going to step a little away from Disneyland and show a postcard from Walt Disney's genius and one unique person- Ward Kimball. The postcard is of his full size train the Emma Nevada at the train station at Grizzly Flats. Ward was a unique person who definitely enjoyed life. The train was featured in several magazines in the 1940s and Ward was one of the first private citizens to have a steam engine and to restore and collect full size railroad equipment. His toy collection focusing on trains and transportation was also legendary. This train is now at the Inland Empire Railway Museum in Perris, California. Ward had a very strong influence on Walt Disney and the Santa Fe and Disneyland railroad. For a great interview with Ward Kimball, bop on over to Sacred Tree of the Aracuan Bird.


Major Pepperidge said...

One thing that most people can agree on is that Ward Kimball was an interesting character! I sure wish I could have had the opportunity to ride the train around his property. But I especially wish I could have seen his toy collection (with him personally guiding me)!!

Eichler & Eames said...

Just discovered your site last week (and Gorillas Don't Blog & Daveland). How I didn't find your sites sooner I'll never know . . . .

Great stuff - all of you. So wonderful to be able to find pictures from the park from it's Golden Years.

You're all sure to be reading my comments on a regular basis - I think you guys are filling a void on the internet that a lot of people have been yearning for.

My wife used to work at the park (at the Tobacco Shop and Emporium) and as things would eventually turn out - we were engaged at Epcot during Illuminations, married at the Disneyland Hotel (our wedding planner made the guys stop construction for 30 minutes on the West side of Downtown Disney so we could get through the ceremony in the wedding garden) - and now, as fate would have it - I have been work for Buena Vista Sound dept. for the last (almost) 3 years.

I'm sure you know there's great footage of Ward's railroad; along with Ollie's railroad & Walt's Carolwood Pacific railroads on the recent Treasures disc "Your Host, Walt Disney".

We went to one of the Leonard Maltin hosted Disney screening / event at the Academy theater a few years back (Not sure if it was one of the Marc Davis tributes or the Walt 100th tribute - or some other event) and I had the pleasure of at least saying "Hi" and "Thank you" to Ward for all the memories he's provided.

Keep up the great work - the 3 of you seem to be doing for me on a daily basis what the "E" Ticket has provided on a quarterly basis for the last 10 - 12 years!

You guys rock!

Tinker Bell said...

Great postcard, Matterhorn! It makes me want one in my backyard!