Monday, February 19, 2007

Tomorrowland Signs and Art Corner Poster

The collection of photos taken in 1966 documentating the signs throughout the park is pretty comprehensive. I plan to stay with it for a while and show some of the obscure signs. Today are two of my favorite signs, the old Tomorrowland direction and light pole and the Art Corner Attraction poster. I love the old Tomorrowland directional signs and wish Kevin and Jody had created small versions of one of them. The other image is of the rare Art Corner poster. This is in reply to 2719 Hyperion post for Art Corner memories. Enjoy!


Major Pepperidge said...

Was "The Art of Animation" displayed in what was formerly the Art Corner? Or was the Art Corner still going strong at this time?

Cool pix as always! Were these taken by the same person who so carefully documented Main Street in '59/'60?

BlueBoy-U said...

Boy oh boy do I ever wish Kevin and Jody could have kept going with wonderful stuff like this, but alas, we must be happy with what we've got, cause that's the end of the line baby!