Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Sleeping Beauty Castle and Update on Yesterday's Post

Well it was a Monday morning for me...the post of the Mark Twain is actually of a movie prop at Universal Studios. On Daveland Universal Studio Website the same river boat can been seen. Thanks for all those who wrote and for Major and Dave for helping to ID the image. And also the second image was flopped, but is now orientated correctly. Today's image is just a pretty shot of the park icon. Enjoy.


Major Pepperidge said...

I have this reflex when I find slides of the castle, which is usually something involving a yawn. But I forget that sometimes they can be nice images like this one!

As for the riverboat mistake...nobody's perfect! I recently had a "Knott's" photo that was actually someplace in Las Vegas.

james said...

great shot! this is actually one of my favorite places in the park. it is away from the crowds, and offers a place of solitude, to stare at the artistry, and say when i die... This is my heaven.