Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Two Boats in Black And White from 1957

Two shaky snapshots focusing on a couple of boats at Disneyland. The photographs are date stamped for Aug 1957. The first image shows the Keel Boat Bertha Mae with a large group of guests on board. Many are sitting in the open air top but many are also in the cabin. I wish they could some how bring this attraction back as it was always a fun ride. In the background is the Chicken Plantation restaurant.

The second image may qualify for the worst composition ever. The photographer managed to get the top of the Mark Twain, a lovely lamp and lots of sky.


Major Pepperidge said...

As crowded as the park tends to be nowadays, maybe they could use more attractions like the Keelboats.

walterworld said...

On the second shot, I like the artists use of 'free space', the cool lamp, and the smokestacks on the Mark Twain which add a bit of variety...

Thanks Matterhorn