Tuesday, January 31, 2017

it's a small world August 1970

Two nice views of it's a small world dated August 1970. The first view shows the steam trains passing in front of the show building. In this case, it is engine number the CK Holiday going by...I have always liked the look of an 1890s steam train in front of the fantastical fa├žade of it's a small world.

The second image is of the photographers girlfriend (should we name her Sherri?) standing in line for the attraction. We will see Sherri in some upcoming photographs.


Chuck said...

I love both of these, and that first shot in particular. It really evokes the feel of that corner of the Park at that time. The square formatting (126 film?) just enhances the overall feel of these images.

Thanks for sharing these!

walterworld said...

Looks like Sherri is having a great time for sure!

Nice pictures both. I really enjoy the square format also, as it reminds me of the pictures from my childhood, many of them from Disneyland in the early 70's.