Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Phillip Meets Mickey and Goofy

Like most kids, Phillip enjoyed meeting the costumed characters. First up he got to meet Mickey. Mickey is in his formal outfit and shanking hands in front of the Bank of Main street. Note the ticket book being held by the lady in the background.

Phillip also got Goofy to sign his autograph book. Miss Grumpy Shorts in the background is not very happy she has to wait...


walterworld said...

Check out Dad and Mom in the background!

Dad thinks everything's a hoot for sure :D

At least little Philip has brought out a smile for this shot.


Anonymous said...

It looks like Philip had a banner day in the Park.

I wonder where he is today, and why his pictures are not in a cherished family album.

Thanks for sharing these.


walterworld said...

JG: I've had the same thought many times after looking at all of the great family photos that were tossed someone who obviously didn't give a heck.

Perhaps Philip was in Europe and he too dang busy to come back when mom finally passed?

Guy Callaway said...

Charming shots!