Friday, January 06, 2017

Mega Post- April 1962 Trip to Disneyland in Black and White

It has been a while since I have posted any new images. I have purchased a new computer which should help with some of the connection problems I have been having. In addition, I have now upgraded my Photoshop elements from version 2 to version 15. This post features all the snapshots a family took during a trip to Disneyland and the Disneyland Hotel in 1962. The photographs are marked April 62 but I believe they may have been taken in February. The family photographed some unusual views as well as some of the normal views. First up is the Santa Fe and Disneyland Railroad and Main Street Depot. Two Railroad employees are discussing the operation of the train or maybe the fun they had at the cast party on Saturday night. Note the Santa Fe travel poster in the background.

Here is the car the family will be riding for the Grand Circle Tour of Disneyland.

The view of the Main Entrance from the station. Mickey and Minnie are posing for photographs. This is a rare view showing the backside of the attraction posters.

A view of the Rivers of America from the railroad. Nice to see Fort Wilderness in all it's glory and a nice glimpse of Cascade Peak.

Exiting the Main Street Station and walking towards the hub, the photographer decided that the entrance to Frontierland was worthy of his film. I like the colorful umbrellas.

Heading into Fantasyland, the family ran into Alice in Wonderland and her friends the White Rabbit and the Mad Hatter. Amazingly enough, they did not pose with the characters but just took their pictures.

They also met the fearsome Pirate hanging out at the Chicken of the Sea ship. They decided to pose with him, maybe he coerced them with his flintlock pistol.

One attraction they enjoyed (and photographed) was Storybook Land. I always enjoy riding the canal boats when I can. First up is Pinocchio's village.

Also Practical Pig's house made out of brick.

The old mill where the animals took refuge during the storm. Oops, wrong mill, as noted in the comments section this is the mill seen in the Alice In Wonderland section.

The family also jumped on the Skyway and took this nice photograph of the Skull Rock and Pirate ship.

Also a nice view of the end of the Matterhorn ride.

A mistake image is this double exposure of the Submarine Voyage load area and something else. The Subs was one of their favorite attractions.

Using the porthole, the photographers snapped multiple shots of the mechanical sea life. First up is the shark and octopus fight.

Next is some kelp and fish.

A very crusty crab, maybe from SpongeBob Squarepants?

A lovely fish swimming by...

The last two images are from the Disneyland Hotel. First is the great sign mimicking the sign at the entrance to Disneyland.

Final image is the young son standing on the steps to the Monorail with a Cocktails sign for the Monorail Café in the background.


Dreemfinder said...

That is not The Old Mill. That cottage with the water wheel is from the Alice in Wonderland area. The Old Mill was a WINDMILL, and was the third of three toward the end of the ride, about where the Frozen settings are now.

walterworld said...

Great post!

The last two pictures definitely date these to 1962, what with the Tower Building under construction, and the Monorail (and Monorail Bar) having recently 'arrived' at the Disneyland Hotel.

Those steps that the boy is posing on in the last picture were there up until the end of the 'Old' Disneyland Hotel back in 1998. I remember them fondly as there was always a building excitement as you walked/ran up the steps to make sure that you got on the next Monorail..

Fantastic times!

Thank You Matterhorn

MRaymond said...

The fourth pic of the ROA has a lot of fresh dirt in the foreground. Was the Indian Village getting an upgrade.

Matterhorn1959 said...

Thanks for the correction Dreemfinder. MRaymond I believe the dirt is for the show building for the Haunted Mansion.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious about that work being done along the ROA too. Looks to be piers associated with the canoes in the foreground. Originally the canoes were perpendicular to the shore...later it was parallel. Was 1962 the time the area was updated?? Appears to be so. KS

MRaymond said...

I went back and examined some aerial photos from 1965. If you line up Cascade Peak and Fort wilderness, as they appear in the photo, then the foreground would be the start of the War Canoe dock. If the construction was from the Mansion, Fowlers harbor would be in the foreground.

Matterhorn1959 said...

MRaymond- that makes sense. Thanks for looking at the aerial photographs and pinpointing the area.

Connie Moreno said...

Oh wow, this was awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Splendid post, thank you. Good to hear about your new equipment, it shows in these scans.


Magical Hotel said...

Monorail Bar/Lounge not Cafe in the last pic.