Friday, January 20, 2017

Souvenir Friday- Hallmark Museum In Kansas City

I have been in Kansas City (Kansas and Missouri) on a work trip for the last several days. I did get a chance to visit the Hallmark Visitors Center and Museum in downtown Kansas City while I was there. Hallmark has a long and strong relationship with Walt Disney, the Disney company and Disneyland. The museum highlights this connection on a timeline, but also with a whole display case featuring Hallmark Disney cards and historical information including several letters from Walt to JC Hall, the president of Hallmark. Of course my interest is drawn to the store that Hallmark had on Main Street. Several of the historical artifacts are a nice picture and interior picture of the Hallmark store as well as a letter from Walt asking JC to look at the information about Disneyland and wanting to know if Hallmark would operate a store. Also some of the great pieces for art are the watercolor rendering used on Hallmark Postcards. The museum has on display the art for the Sleeping Beauty Castle card. If you are ever in Kansas City, there are several sites to visit that are connected to Walt. The building where his first studio was located is still standing as well as one of his boyhood homes. Also the TWA building has had a version of the Rocket to the Moon placed on the building. And of course a stop at the Hallmark museum.

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Major Pepperidge said...

Very neat. Did you know that all that Disneyland-related stuff was there, or did you just get lucky?

I love those Hallmark PDL postcards, and I have a few other Hallmark items as well. What a great piece of park history.