Monday, February 01, 2016

Seattle Worlds Fair at Night- Last Set of Images

The last two images from the Sawyer's Film Strip set. First up is an image from the Adult Entertainment area of the Fair. Several shows were featured in the area including A Night in Paradise and this show, Backstage USA. Backstage USA was a show that visitors could visit a show from the stagehands perspective. The show was an adult show featuring topless show girls.

The last image features a great image of the space age architecture including the space needle and the science pavilion arches.


K. Martinez said...

Thoroughly enjoyed this series. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I remember those gothic towers vividly, and a room with a big bubble elevator, but the rest is all a blur...


Nanook said...

@ JG-

The "room" was the Washington State Coliseum. And the "bubble elevator" was the infamous Bubbleator. The Coliseum is among one of many remaining buildings from the Fair, and is now Key Arena.

And the image with the gals sitting at their makeup tables, is very likely from Gracie Hansen's "A Night In Paradise".