Thursday, February 25, 2016

Andy Visits Disneyland Part 4

It is now time to say goodbye to Ms. Andy and her 1976 Disneyland visit. First up though is a correction, the Frontierland overview from yesterday now in the right orientation.

Now to today's photographs. First up is a view of a now extinct attraction, the friendly Indian Village on the banks of the Rivers of America. A nice view showing the old layout of the village. I like the mature trees surrounding the village.

The final image shows the Mark Twain getting ready to leave the dock. Just like the Mark Twain going on its journey, let's wish a bon voyage to the 1976 version of Andy.

Thanks to Andy and her husband Chip for thinking of me and sending me this lovely set of slides.

1 comment:

K. Martinez said...

Not totally extinct. It will be relocated when the Rivers of America is reconfigured. Right?

Thanks to your friend Andy and her husband. And thank you too! I really enjoyed this group of images.