Thursday, February 04, 2016

Characters In Disneyland

Disneyland is a place to ride fantastic attractions, visit other places in one place and also meet fantastic animated characters that have come to life. These three photographs from the 1970s show the fun of character interaction. First up is Mickey Mouse in front of Town Square Cafe meeting a couple of fans.

Next two of the dwarves meet a couple of fans. I believe this is Happy and Grumpy. I am trying to place the location of this image with the umbrellas and tables above.

The last image is Goofy hanging out in front of the Bank of America. All the images show the joy that kids receive being able to meet their favorite animated characters.


Matthew said...

What a great question in image #2!

At best, my guess would be Matterhorn Way. That is one of the very few uphill slopes I can think of in the park (prior to Videopolis/Fantasyland Theater). To the photographers right would be the Central Plaza. Just over the bushes to the right would have been Alpine Gardens. The yellow umbrellas might be the overflow dining area for Tomorrowland Terrace? That's my best guess anyway.

Wonderful photos. I love the girl in image #2 looking at Grumpy's shoes. She's thinking, "I wonder if it would hurt if I jump on his foot?"

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

Anonymous said...

I think the two dwarves (dwarfs?) might be in the area sometimes called Coke Corner, on the west side of Main street at the end. I'm not sure what this spot is called now. The umbrellas could be in the courtyard of what's now called Jolly Holiday Bakery, the old Plaza Pavilion.

This Coke Corner area is somewhat below the Plaza restaurant courtyard and could account for the umbrellas being above the sight line. The difference in grade is surprising when sitting in Coke Corner, because you don't notice the gentle climb coming up Main Street into the Plaza.

Both Plaza restaurants had yellow umbrella schemes for a while.

My two cents. Thanks for the fun pics.


Chuck said...

Reminds me of our family photos from the same era.

With respect to JG, I think I have to agree with Amazon Belle's guess. Compare with this Daveland photo of Alpine Gardens in 1972, particularly the railings: I think we're seeing a smidgen of the back of the America the beautiful building over Grumpy's head.

Great memories of the days you didn't have to wait in line to meet a character!

K. Martinez said...

Nice character photos today. Goofy always looked so cool in person. It looks like the Alpine Gardens area to me too. Thanks, Matterhorn!

walterworld said...

The costumed characters used to bug me when I was a kid! Not sure exactly why.

Thanks for another great post...

Anonymous said...

@Chuck, Amazon's post came while I was writing mine, so I didn't see it till I was done, but I agree with it on review.

After looking at the pic again, it seems like there was or should be a brick wall in the Coke Corner location and none in the photo.

It's fun to play these guessing games to hear everyone's memories.