Monday, February 22, 2016

Andy Visits Disneyland Part 1

A friend of mine was going through her family collection of slides and came across a small group of slides from a Disneyland visit in 1976. The grouping included a nice group of souvenir slides and these nice personal slides. First up are two images of the Matterhorn mountain. Both are taken from the Railroad, the first from the area around it's a small world. Check out the Security Officer walking by and the fantastic light structure.

The second image is from the Tomorrowland Railroad Station. The colors of Tomorrowland mean tomorrow to me more so than the gold and metal colors of current Tomorrowland.


Anonymous said...

From a simpler time...less crowds and in some ways much more color. One could really enjoy the Park as a park, as well as an entertainment facility. It's much more "in your face" these days.

MRaymond said...

Are there ever 'slow days' anymore?

K. Martinez said...

Back when Tomorrowland was bright, optimistic and gleaming white with its color provided by the transportation vehicles of the world on the move: Autopia cars, Skyway gondolas, monorail trains and PeopleMover vehicles. Everything seems muted or rustic at Disneyland nowadays. Thank for a great of photos today. Look forward to more from this set. Thanks!