Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Four Views of Space Mountain Under Construction

A hectic Monday precluded me from posting yesterday, so to make up for it I am posting four images of Space Mountain during construction. First up is a dark view of the interior of the ride when it was still dirt prior to the installation of any infrastructure. It is neat that the roof was the first thing finished and then the track installed. I guess doing construction this way there were less rain delays.

Next up are two slightly more distant shots of the construction site. The first is taken from an overhead area such as the Rocket Jets gantry or the PeopleMover track or load area. Note the guests reading about the new attraction under construction and character shop. Also note the top of the Rolly Crump designed ticket booth.

Another view of the construction site from the same location. This shot shows the McDonnel Douglas Mission to Mars sign. The attraction itself was under construction at this time. In the far background you can see the top of City Hall.

The last view for today is this view of the girder construction of the Mission to Mars building.


MRaymond said...

I remember a small storefront on Main Street where you could see previews of coming attractions. I remember going there to see Space Mountain as a small model and lots of concept art. I had a picture of the model but all that film is long gone thanks to poor storage. I'm enjoying this blast of the memory cells.

K. Martinez said...

I love the primer red pylon. If they were so bent on recoloring Space Mountain for Tomorrowland '98, this would've been a better choice.

I can never see too much Space Mountain construction photos. Here's hoping Anonymous "Former CM" chimes in. Thanks, Matterhorn.

Anonymous said...

What more can I say? It certainly brings it all back. Yes, the roof was put on first, then a few outer walls while the track was put in place. I recall peering into the building from time to time. And eventually I was invited to be one of the first test riders before it was completed. Walked in and out of the building with a hard hat. Form CM

Major Pepperidge said...

Super cool!

Anonymous said...

BTW, that first test run was a real experience. I've sent a write-up to Dave at Daveland for a future column.