Friday, April 18, 2014

A Two For Friday- Universal Jaws and Souvenir Friday

After traveling home from New Orleans yesterday, I was not able to you are in luck today with a two for posting. First up are two more images from Universal Studios on April 20, 1980. First up is a view of their old west street with the Sherrif's office, dental office and General Store in the background.

The next image is of poor Bruce from Jaws sitting on a trailer.

Continuing the Universal Studios theme is this item for souvenir Friday, a Castle Dracula snow globe. In a great bottle shape, the Universal Monsters frolic at Dracula's Castle. See if you can name all the creatures portrayed in the globe?

And for those curious, here is the backside of a snow globe!

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Anonymous said...

That's an Orca not a Shark.