Friday, June 19, 2009

Souvenir Friday- Candy Palace Candy Box 1950s

From the 1950s comes this nicely illustrated candy box from the Candy Palace. The box once held an assortment of chocolates. I wonder if everyone grabbed the milk chocolate chews first and left the dark chocolate mincemeat for the end? The graphics are pure 1950's showing the attractions in simple line drawings and the character heads as seen on the souvenir maps. The character choices show that during this time many of what we now consider minor characters were still well known. Of course on the front is Tinkerbell and Jiminy Cricket with his Be My Guest badge. On one side is Dale, Pinocchio, Dopey and Doc. On the other side is Figaro, Bongo, Minnie and Practical Pig. On the shorter ends we find Mickey and Goofy and on the other end is Huey and my favorite Mr. Toad.


Katella Gate said...

Well, you struck on one of the mysteries of life: How Disney decided who got their face to support merchandise.

Bongo is the character whose stock has fallen the most: He was a recent creation at the time in a short. I wonder if they had further plans for him.

You also notice that they are all "cartoon characters" so in scale and drawing style they mesh well. Missing are the human, serious characters like Cinderella and the Blue Fairy.

Personally, I'd love to see those new, ultra-sour candies the kids love with Cinderella's step sisters on the box.

Major Pepperidge said...

So amazing that this has somehow survived all these years! How did it not wind up in the trash? Thank goodness it didn't of course...

Dale's nose is white, does he have a drug problem we should know about?