Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Opening Day Snapshots- Part 5

More opening day snapshots. The first is from the Indian Village (and should have been with yesterday's post, but it got hung up in the Photoshop machine and did not come out until today.) You can see the original dance troops were made up of entire families.

The next image is of Davy Crockett's pal Georgie Russel. Played by Buddy Ebsen, here he is with his daughter Cathy.

Finally one of my favorite photographs, a group of singing frontiersmen by the Frontierland Railroad Station. I wonder how they carried the accordian all the way out west?


Major Pepperidge said...

This has been an incredible series! Whoever took the photos made sure to approach celebrities, I wonder if he/she was a VIP of some sort? The last photo of the singing frontiersmen really is great, if you just showed it to me out of the blue I would never guess it was Disneyland (except for maybe the coonskin caps)!

Chris Merritt said...

These are pretty amazing, PJ....