Monday, June 08, 2009

Opening Day Snapshots- Part 3

Some more celebrities at Opening Day. First off is another shot of Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher. It appears there was no shortage of funny hat souvenirs on opening day.

Next up is Art Linkletter and one of his son's (possibly Jack) take an elevated look at the parade route.

Finally, a shot of whom I believe was the first Disneyland Merchandise VP, Bob Burns. Written on the back is Ferne and Bob Opening Day. Bob Burns was Merchandise Dir. 1 of 7 VPs. (Jason S.- I am looking at you to confirm, anything in your compendium?)


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

These continue to amaze me.... I check out "Art's Balcony" on each trip to the park, always noticing that there are no door's to the balcony, Art & son had to climb out the window!

These photo's should be matted & framed and hung in the Opera House lobby!!!!!

Major Pepperidge said...

These really are great. I will be super impressed if that turns out to be Bob Burns, just because I had never heard of him; how the heck did you know?

Check out the technician lurking on top of the building on pic #2!

Katella Gate said...

The Art's Balcony pic is great. It shows what 8/8 sized men look like against 5/8 sized windows.

Progressland said...

Patrick, I don't have a photo, but this is what I've got on Robert H. Burns:

Los Angeles Times (12/10/1954): Merchandise manager of Disneyland.

Long Beach Independent (1/14/1956): Robert Burns, Disneyland merchandising director, has resigned to accept active control of the Albert Sheetz Corp.

Burns joined Sheetz as chairman of the board of directors early in November, 1955.

As part of a reorganizational program John Schallenberger, president of Sheets, announced Burns would also assume responsibility of the operation of the restaurant chain and candy factory as general manager.

Anonymous said...

Bob Burns wife was named Ferne.