Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Unusual Mark Twain

Not that Mark Twain the author is that unusual, or even the paddle wheeler Mark Twain but these two images are definitely unusual. First up is a nice view of the Twain at dock with the Gullywhumper coming right toward us and lots of guests waiting to be taken off Tom Sawyer's Island. The unusual part of the image is in the background with a red and white Skyway tower in the background.

The next image is of the back of the Mark Twain taken from an elevated part of the Rainbow Caverns attraction area, most likely from the top of a Stagecoach. On first glance it almost looks like the Twain is off track and floating. Lots of interesting buildings in the background including Tom Sawyer's Island, Golden Horseshoe and the Plaza Pavilion.


K. Martinez said...

That red and white is the top of the King Arthur Carrousel, not the Skyway tower. Still it's a wonderful image.

Anonymous said...

That second shot is taken from TSI...not the Rainbow Caverns area.

Anonymous said...

Just noted that it was Christmas Season. Note the tree on the top of the Mark.

Matthew said...

I would have to agree with "Anonymous KS" about the second shot coming from Tom Sawyers Island. Most likely from the ramparts of Fort Wilderness. The reason being is the pontoon bridge on the right side of the photograph. Great observation KS. Thanks for the photo. Your pal, Amazon Belle

Matterhorn1959 said...

Thanks for all the comments. I was scratching my head trying to place the location of the photographer. It makes sense now.