Monday, March 16, 2015

Cindy's Dream Castle and the Viewliner

Finishing this set of photographs with the best. First up is a nice view of Cinderella's Dream Castle in Storybook Land. The view is from the Skyway so the background shows the undeveloped Anaheim area.

The last image is of the Tomorrowland Viewliner just leaving the station. In the background is snow mountain and the Omnibus making the round trip around the mountain. The station has some fantastic signage, I wonder if any of this stuff survived.


K. Martinez said...

The eucalyptus trees look like they were freshly trimmed (more like hacked) in the first image. And the foliage looks like it's dying in the lower half. Perhaps because it was early in the development of Disneyland Disney was on a learning curve when it came to landscaping.

Definitely great signage in the second image. Those newly planted trees along the Viewliner track didn't even get a chance to take root into their new home when shortly after, the area would be torn up for the "Disneyland '59" expansion.

Nice set today. Thanks!

Brad Abbott said...

Amazing view of the Viewliner and the Skyway! Love all of the different signs for the Viewliner as well.

Major Pepperidge said...

Fantastic photo of the Viewliner with the Skyway and Omnibus (and "Snow Hill")! This has been an amazing series of photos, thanks Matterhorn.

Alex Blasingame said...

Look at that! The Omnibus did leave Main St and drive around 'Makeout Hill.' Anyone know where it stopped and when this stopped happening?