Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Two Interesting Views of Frontierland

Two interesting pictures of Frontierland in 1958. The first shows a nice close up of the short lived Disneyland Stagecoach. Looking at the ride vehicle with kids and adults riding on top of the coach, I can see why this ride was short lived. This looks like an accident just waiting to happen every ride. It looks like there is quite a discussion between the two cast members.

The next image is from Tom Sawyer's Island towards Indian Village. There is quite a crowd of guests waiting to come over on the rafts, but it looks like it is dusk. I always assumed that the island closes at dusk. What is even better is the Indian War Canoes and a Keel Boat in the frame. This area of Frontierland has changed quite a lot since this picture was taken.


K. Martinez said...

Love the color of the stagecoach shot.

Major Pepperidge said...

Both of these are really fantastic! Look at all the people at the Indian Village.