Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Boring Photographs of the Group

These two photographs from the same trip in 1958 are pretty boring. However, I like to show the entire grouping so you can see how the photographer saw Disneyland during their trip. And of course, there is never a bad photograph of vintage Disneyland and one can always see something fun or interesting. First up is a fairly bad photograph of Sleeping Beauty Castle that also is damaged and the developing seems off with a gray cast to it. What is cool about this image is the waste receptacle right in the middle of the picture. Disneyland has always had the nicest trash cans.

The next image is an almost great image, but the photographer did not elevate the camera and we end up with half the image being a blurry picture of the interior of the Skyway. The Rocket to the Moon is nice and I like the signage on the building.

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Major Pepperidge said...

Both photos seem to have a very low vantage point… in the first one, the eye-line seems about where that woman's waist is. Maybe the photographer was a kid?