Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Disneyland At Dusk

Three nice views of Disneyland at dusk in 1958. The images were taken during an early evening cruise aboard the Mark Twain. First up is Tom Sawyer's Island and the Old Mill. The boys are having fun on the island although I think it is time for the last raft to leave the island.

The next view is of the Indian Village with the canoes docked for the night. The hills are a nice background to this scene.

The last image is a spectacular view of the burning cabin. The poor settler is spotlighted in front of the cabin. In the background the TWA Rocket to the Moon glows radiantly.


K. Martinez said...

The burning cabin shot is awesome! Don't think I've ever seen an evening shot like that before. Thanks!

Matthew said...

I love to see all the benches that used to line the Rivers of America (See first photo). Many of those are long gone... got to keep those people up and moving.

Ronn Roxx said...

Wow... the first photo of the old mill shows that you could walk right down (and fall into) the Rivers of America! I wonder how many youngsters, while having fun, ended up doing the back stroke in the river to the shock for their parents!