Wednesday, March 04, 2015

China Closet and Fort Wilderness 1958

Two more views from January 1958. First is a nice view of the China Closet porch. The family is posing for a photograph and all the other guests have stopped on the sidewalk to allow the photographer take the image. Also it looks like the grandmother figure is not on the porch.

The second image is the interior of Fort Wilderness on Tom Sawyer's Island. This image is filled with so much goodness, the kid is holding a Tom Sawyer's Island map, another young guest is wearing a yellow Keppy Kap, the lovely clothing worn by all the guests and the escape tunnel from the fort.


K. Martinez said...

Grandma must've gone home to bake some Christmas cookies.

That Fort Wilderness shot is a beauty. I love the light illuminating the regimental headquarters. You're right. Lots of goodness in this one.

Major Pepperidge said...

I've never seen Fort Wilderness looking so busy!

Anonymous said...

I like the picture of the fort interior. I don't have any of my own and the interior layout has faded in my memory.

This is a nice wide shot that orients me to "what was where". Many pics shared before are close-ups and don't show the overall look very clearly.

I especially appreciate seeing the "secret escape" with the prominent signage. I have vivid memories of this little tunnel, but had forgotten how and where it was situated in the fort. Exactly the kind of thing that little boys loved, right up until I was big enough to hit my head painfully on the ceiling...

Thank you.