Monday, September 15, 2014

Mark Twain and Views

Three color snapshots of Frontierland. The first image features a great overhead view of the Mark Twain with the Disneyland band on the deck. The bright red color really attracts the eye and stand out against the white of the Mark Twain. The crowd is a very groovy collection of guests.

The next two images are ones taken during a trip on the Mark Twain. First up is one of my favorite now gone sights, Cascade Peak with the Three Sisters falls.

Final image is of the burning settler's cabin. This image shows the vibration of the engine when riding the Mark Twain, making the image appear almost like a Key painting.

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K. Martinez said...

Great shot of the Disneyland Band aboard the Mark Twain. I don't think that second pic was taken from the Mark Twain. The paddlewheel seems to far away. Maybe it was taken from a one of the keelboats or TSI shore.