Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Goofy and Souvenirs

Two images of cast members at Disneyland. The first image is a badly composed photograph with Goofy and children. The kids are shown, but poor Goofy has his head cut off. The guest in the upper right background is having lots of fun.

The second image makes up for the bad composition of the first, the second image is a cast member at one of the news stands poses with the kids. Of course my eyes are drawn to the shelves filled with the Marty Sklar Disneyland book, Pirates of the Caribbean guidebook, 1968 wall map, postcards, coloring books, and souvenir slides. Also the cast member is wearing one of the gray colored name tags at her throat.


K. Martinez said...

One thing you don't see much of is photos of the shops and newsstands with the various souvenirs on display.

I have several of the Marty Sklar Disneyland books from different years, the Walt Disney's Storyland (red book) and that version of the Pirates of the Caribbean souvenir booklet. Also had that particular 1968 map with the "Spaceport and Rocket Flight (Space Mountain) as future attraction, but lost it somewhere in time. Bummer! Nice photo. Thanks.

Major Pepperidge said...

Just look at those Pana-Vue slides, fading to magenta before our very eyes!