Monday, September 22, 2014

Knott's Berry Farm Snapshots

Two views from Knott's Berry Farm circa late 1960s. Knott's was in full swing at this time, a worthy competitor to Disneyland. One of the major lands for Knott's is Ghost Town. Two residents of Ghost Town is Handsome Brady and Whiskey Bill who hang out on a bench. The two residents love it when female visitors sit a spell with them. Note the nice signage in the background, one of which is no longer in place.

Next is a nice image of engine 41 which was once part of the Denver and Rio Grande railroad. The engine is still a narrow guage, but significantly larger than the Disneyland and Santa Fe Railroad engines.

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MRaymond said...

Love the photos. I have one of my mom with the old prospectors that I believe is from the late 50's or early 60's.
I always wondered about the size difference between the Disneyland and Knott's trains. My dad is a railfan and filled me in. Love those old steam locomotives.