Friday, September 24, 2010

Souvenir Friday- Children's Fairyland Oakland

I am sitting at the Disneyland Hotel waiting for the D23 Destination D 1955 Disneyland two day seminar to begin. Since I am the hotel, I have decided to post a souvenir not related to Disneyland, a 1955 brochure for Children's Fairyland located in Oakland, California. I do not currently have the capability to stitch the map together (no Photoshop on the laptop!). Here is the brochure:

For Major Pepperidge since I know he is already planning his birthday event for next year, a brochure on having your own birthday party with lots of friends at Fairlyland.


Major Pepperidge said...

How did you know I was having a birthday next year? ;-)

I have a small collection of flyers from various Fairy Tale/Mother Goose themed parks, and many of them look very similar... I wonder if there was a company that provided the designs for the buildings for all of them? The whale-shaped thing, the shoe, etc.

walterworld said...

Hey, you can still have a catered birthday party at Fairyland, but it will cost you $17 bucks a kid instead of 74 cents:

Better sign up soon Major!