Saturday, September 25, 2010

More Family Posing-1955

Some more of the family posing at Disneyland (and maybe Knott's Berry Farm.) First up is a rare shot of the organ grinder monkey at Disneyland. The entertainment on Main Street did not last long.

Next up is the brother and sister on everyone's favorite Milk Truck.

Last image for today is a two for one, somebody forgot to advance the film and now we have a ghost image on top of the image of the Stagecoach. I am still not sure if this is Disneyland's or Knott's.

On an unrelated topic, I met Jason from Disneyland Nomenclature at Disneyland and rode the Ghost Galaxy overlay on Space Mountain. Not knowing that much about it, I wanted to ride it and see how it is. Unfortunately, it was not that great (especially after waiting an hour) and it reminded me of Pirates of the Caribbean, the movie not the ride. The music was Piratey and the ghosts seemed like out takes from one of the films.


Major Pepperidge said...

Hmmm, you're the first person I've heard who didn't seem pretty thrilled with Ghost Galaxy. I am inclined to believe you! I'm hoping to go to the park in a few weeks, and if the line is too long I may just skip it. Except that I love Space Mountain!

Connie Moreno said...

I haven't seen it yet this year but will be going tomorrow. Hmm...last year I really dug it.
Major, you can get a Fast Pass, I'm sure.

Loved the monkey. One of my best memories is begging my dad for pennies to give the monkey. Not THIS monkey but back then they seemed to have monkeys everywhere, LOL.