Monday, August 17, 2009

The Walt Disney Studio Commisary

When Walt and Roy Disney constructed the new studio in Burbank, they went all out. Hired one of the best designers and architects in Los Angeles, Kem Weber. Kem was known for his streamline modern design, the most famous being the "Airline" chair. Knowing that his employees would need great food, Walt had a large dining room with menu service constructed. The Walt Disney Studio was the same as the other large studios (Warner Brothers, Universal, MGM, etc.) Here is an early photo of the interior of the Walt Disney Studio Restaurant. Some of the neat design elements are the 4 waitress and bus stations in the middle of the room, the clock on the wall and the wall treatment itself. In the lower left hand corner on the table is a menu and there are placemats on other tables. In looking at the image, I can not see if the placemats were unique or more generic. The caption for this image is rather nice: The studio restaurant is a streamlined, air-conditioned building which serves excellent meals for studio employees at moderate prices. Actually Walt Disney prefers to operate it at a loss, so that his employees can have the best of foods.


Major Pepperidge said...

I love these vintage studio photos! I keep straining my eyes to see if I recognize anybody, but just can't tell for sure. I thought I saw Les Clark to the right, but now I think it's not him.

Davelandweb said...

What a snapshot of time; fantastic post, Patrick! I could peruse that shot for hours, checking out all the details.

Scott O. said...

The studio commisary is still pretty damn cool and has a real great vibe about it... except for Mr. Cranky at his Panda Express station.