Saturday, August 15, 2009

Two Publicity Shots- Focus on Landscape

It is interesting to see how a good PR team can take an image and focus it for a specific event. In this case, the event was the March 3-4 "Cinderella Festival" held in the early 1970's (Jason- I am looking at you for the exact years!) The caption taped to the back of the first photo reads:
Jungle Shade- Adventureland's "Jungle Cruise" dock is shaded by a Erythrina Caffra (Coral) tree, which is native to South Africa. Weighing more than 12 tons, this bare-rooted tree, when in bloom, is noted for its bright red and orange blossoms. Disneyland's unique landscape will be spotlighted in twice-daily garden tours presented specially during the Park's March 3-4 "Cinderella Festival."

The second photo caption is:
Land of the Giants- One of the most unique forms of "Disneylandscaping" is found in Storybook Land's mini-gardens. Park horticultural experts leave most of this attraction's greenery in gallon cans, which keeps the landscape in scale with its surroundings. Plant health is maintained by careful fertilizing and watering.

I can see where Disneyland publicity would send these photographs to the Home and Garden editor at newspaper's and magazines to promote the Park.


Major Pepperidge said...

Love the Storybook Land photo!

Viewliner Ltd. said...

Great pictures Matterhorn.

Davelandweb said...

That Storybook photo is fantastic - really cool to see the relation in scales in one shot.

Katella Gate said...

Are there any Coral Trees left in Adventureland? They are beautiful when in bloom, but next to the Jacaranda, they are the biggest mess-makers you can imagine.

BTW, much love for the Storybook micro-topiary gardens. A slow and gentle subject for a slow and gentle ride.