Sunday, August 30, 2009

River Ride at Busch Gardens

When Busch Gardens opened, the major attraction was a Jungle Cruise like ride through the lagoons, islands and the Gorge. If I remember correctly, the ride was filled with birds and other animals. There were no animatronic figures on the ride. However, the landscaping and rock work was stunning. The family also thought the same with five photographs of the ride and the gorge. First off is an image of the boat.

Next up is a nice Father Son bonding moment. Check out the camera on the son.

A couple of views of the rock work seen at the gorge, the second one being from what appears to be from the lookouts that overlooked the ride.

Final shot is of the son standing in the landscaping. Due to the nice landscaping, it appears the son is standing in the middle of a pine forest, not in the middle of the city of Los Angeles.


Major Pepperidge said...

When you drive by the site now, it seems impossible that it ever looked this pretty!

TokyoMagic! said...

It's sad that all of this was torn down. I really liked Busch Gardens...before and after the park's expansion.

Dad.. said...

SO COOL! It DOES look like a forest.. maybe up in norther Cali.

Anonymous said...

And there was free beer!!! Given out in cans!! Bud, Michelob and Light. No drunks from what I saw..just a lot of happy people. It was a beautiful place for the short time it lasted. RIP.