Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Tom Sawyer's Island Castle Rock and Fort Wilderness

Continuing with the snapshots found in the group are two images from Tom Sawyer's Island. Castle rock was a high promontory rock that one could climb up to see a view of Frontierland. Capped by tall rocks, Tom had placed a flag pole up there and a red rag served as the flag.

The most significant structure found on Tom Sawyer's Island was Fort Wilderness. The fort served as a place to get water and refreshments for the hungry explorers, as well as protection from the Indian attacks. Explorers could use rifles set in the blockhouses to shoot the attackers or other guests.

The last image is for Tim at Vintage Disneyland Tickets showing what has been done to the damage on the Sleeping Beauty Castle bridge he showed.


Major Pepperidge said...

That castle repair is amazing, I can barely see where the damage was! ;-)

Unless I'm mistaken, didn't they remove the guns from the Fort quite a while back? Something about a freak accident where a little girl slipped while her finger was on the trigger and somehow she it actually came off?? What are the odds. So dumb that they removed the guns; a pencil can be a deadly object if misused.

Oh well, it's all moot now anyhow...

Anonymous said...

And how much I enjoyed that fort...and the guns. My folks would drop me off at the rafts for an hour or two and go do what they pleased. We all thought that was a fair trade!

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

I miss the (real) fort! I think a few gun barrels still poke out of the fort at the entrance to Frontierland, of course you can't go up there and play, but at least they are there!

WOW, that bridge repair looks spectacular! Once again it looks like a makeshift repair that I would make :-) - hey the plastic cover is color coordinating... Do you think they need to drain the moat to fix this correctly?

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 1:

I had exactly the same experiences. I used to wonder why my parents let me go so long over there...

I figured it out when I took my kids... a welcome relief to all, that island.

PS that "red rag" was an old fashioned red bandanna handkerchief in my day (1967). No telling what it is now.

I remember once there was a "hippie" takeover of the island about that time. they raised a flag with a marijuana leaf on that pole.

That didnt last long. That was my only trip to the park as a kid when I did not get to visit the island.