Friday, October 10, 2008

Souvenir Friday- Silk Scarf with Disneyland Scenes

This is one of the more unusual scarves sold at Disneyland. The most common seen are the scarves with Tinkerbell in the middle surrounded by scenes of the various lands. This one is much more interesting with sketched scenes of various locations throughout the park. The scenes starting from the top left are Frontierland Entrance, Rainbow Ridge Frontierland, Matterhorn Tomorrowland, Passenger Train at Water Tower, Sleeping Beauty's Castle, Columbia, Hippos- Jungle Cruise, Town Square- Main Street and Submarine.


Major Pepperidge said...

I can't say it's the prettiest scarf I've ever seen, but it's a cool Disneyland artifact!

amy said...

Do you have any that are Sleeping Beauty? I have one with a different scene on each corner as well as a big scene in the middle. My parents said they bought it from a dealer who had the same story about the souvenirs. Info on these things is very limited. I'm trying to figure out a value to put on it for insurance purposes. Thank you!

keeline said...

We have a nice one like this. We got it because it is one of the few pieces of merchandise to feature the Mine Train (top center). Ours has an original price tag still attached (it was fairly expensive) and does not look as wrinkled ad this one appears in the photo. The original owner (helpfully?) wrote the month and year in one of the white areas.