Saturday, October 25, 2008

Main Street Montage

A pretty cool grouping of slide photographs from Main Street. The first shows the Disneyland band in their classic red and white uniforms marching proudly through the Hub.

The second shows an unusual image before Disneyland opened. I like the gentleman riding the bicycle in the middle of the street.

Finally not a perfect shot but still an interesting view of the Main Street Flower Market at night.


Major Pepperidge said...

That second photo is great... so strange to see the street mosty empty, but with the guy on the bicycle! Since there are a lot of people on the sidewalk to the right (nobody walked in the street back then!), I wonder if the gates had just been opened, and the bicyclist was hurrying to get out of there?

outsidetheberm said...

Good eye, Major. It does make you wonder. The clock ahead of us looks like it might read quarter till eight. And the popcorn cart is still covered with a tarp. You might be right about the park having just opened.

george said...

Quick question? Did Carnation Plaza Gardens ever sell food? (funnel cakes) I have this memory of them with dancing people but can't remember where it was? I need closure on this! anybody?