Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Plantation House Sign Frontierland

This contact print shows the lovely Southern Gothic sign for the Plantation House in Frontierland. The wheel motif is a nice touch on the top and the oval Chicken Dinners sign is great. The best part is to look in the background and see a number of Jungle Cruise launches docked at Fowler's Harbor. There was a recent Facebook post showing the same situation and discussion that there was only one dock at the time and the launches were being worked on. I think the ride of moving the launches to Fowler's Harbor would be a fun one.


K. Martinez said...

I always enjoy your "sign" posts and when it includes a view of the Jungle Cruise launches docked at Fowler's Harbor it's something extra special as I've never seen that before. Very cool! Thanks, Patrick.

Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, what a wonderful sign! Love the "wagon wheel" detail.

Matthew said...

I was told to get the Jungle Cruise boats over to Fowler's Harbor two skippers would hoist the guides off the rails (one on the bow and one over the engine compartment) and then one would give it power and a fourth would grab the rudder and steer it through the water way from Jungle Cruise to the Rivers of America. Quite and ordeal.

This leads to my question for the day... when did they build the Jungle Cruise boat storage? We would move the boats back into storage where they would be hoisted out of the river and placed on a truck and moved back to the craft shops for repair/rehab. Huh? Just wondering.

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

Brad Abbott said...

Love the details on this sign, and the fact that it's basically four signs in one!

Brad Abbott said...
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