Thursday, August 06, 2015

Even More Knott's Berry Farm Snapshots

The last two snapshots from Knott's Berry Farm. First up is a guest posing by one of the many rusty farm vehicles and implements that were on display throughout Ghost Town. I do not remember this piece of International truck sitting in Ghost Town or even seeing an image of it prior.

The final image from this trip is the Old Prospector with his mule in front of the Ghost Town Gold Mine. Knott's had lots of walk around characters at this time to add flavor and entertainment to Ghost Town.


MRaymond said...

Knott's, my second favorite park. I could wander around the Ghost Town for hours. I haven't been there in a long time but from the videos I see on Youtube, the roller coasters dominate the skyline. I need to come back to CA for a visit.
I have a picture of my mom with the two sitting cowboys that is from the early 60's. Awesome stuff this week.

Jay Jennings said...

Prospector Ed Strous.