Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Guest Photographs Part 1- Frontierland and Monstro

Two nice photographs from Matt of the Vintage Disney Alice In Wonderland Blog. We saw each other at the Disneyana Fan Club show and he handed these lovely images to me. Thanks Matt! First up is a view of the Kodak Picture Spot on the shore of the Rivers of America in Fontierland. The sign has my favorite silhouette of the photographer on top.

The next image is of the same young girl posing in front of my favorite whale- Monstro! I like the shadow cast by the ticket booth. Both of these images are circa 1963.

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K. Martinez said...

Nice pre-Thunder Mountain Kodak Picture Spot photo of Rivers of America.

Speaking of favorite whales, "Pinocchio" is my favorite animated feature (in which Monstro is featured), but my favorite whale has to be Willie, the Operatic Whale. He was cool!