Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Nature's Wonderland Load Area Under Construction April 1960

Two more images from the contact print sheet showing construction on Nature's Wonderland. The images today are in the mining town of Rainbow Ridge and feature the work being completed for the loading area for the Mine Trains and also show the load area for the Pack Mules. First image shows the new decking for the load area. The railroad tracks are not put down yet. I believe the front of the train would be where the photographer stood to take this image.

The second image is a closer shot of the wood deck being constructed and painted with a nice shot of the empty load queue for the Pack Mules.

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MRaymond said...

Love the pictures but I think both were taken in the Pack Mules loading area about 20 ft apart. You can see the Miners Hardware store in both shots and the track runs in front of it. My favorite ride from my childhood.