Monday, February 24, 2014

Skyway September 1959 Part 1

Another purchase from the Disneyana Fan Club Disney Show is this nice group of black and white snap shots taken in September 1959. The first two images from the collection show the Skyway in it's former glory. The first image is of the endangered Fantasyland ride structure. Designed as a Swiss Chalet and hidden amongst trees and rocks, this structure housed the ride equipment and also the load/unload area.

The next image shows the Matterhorn and the holes that the Skyway buckets would go through to showcase the new ice caverns. The view also included a peak of Matterhorn bobsleds running up, through and down the mountain. I do not usually see the Fantasyland side of the Matterhorn. The image includes some nice foreground views of the Mad Tea Party and the Fantasyland facades.

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K. Martinez said...

Love the little home style wire railings on the flower beds in front of Casey Jr. Station area.

Looking forward to the rest of these since the Skyway is my favorite defunct Disneyland attraction.